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 “By the grace of God, Roots’ mission is to support and encourage Christian parents in the Roots community as they home educate each of their children ‘in the way he should go’ (Proverbs 22:6).”


About Roots Homeschooling


Surely one of the Lord’s greatest gifts is our children. They provide us with joy and satisfaction as we see them grow and mature and as we experience with them the world our heavenly Father created.  With the gift of children also comes the tremendous responsibility of bringing them up as children of God. The Bible is quite clear that this must be done not just on certain days of the week or in certain subject areas; instead it must be applied daily and be integral to all areas of our lives (Deuteronomy 6:7-9). Therefore, many Christians choose to educate their children from a clear and distinctive Christian worldview. 

The philosophical motivation for Christian education, whether at home or in a school setting, is derived from the Biblical imperative to bring up our children in the fear and way of the Lord.  Roots, Supporting and Assisting Christian Home Educators, is a parental response to that obligation we all have as parents. We believe that while the government has a responsibility to see to it that its citizens are receiving an education, parents have been given primary responsibility and authority from God to determine the content and nature of what their children are taught. That is why educational services, as an extension of this parental authority, must be operated and directed by parents who together with teachers, facilitators, and administrators develop a community that is faithful to and consistent with parental responsibility.  Roots is convinced that a supervising homeschooling committee, administration and facilitators must share with parents this common motivating philosophy. Together, we strive to develop a “community of learners” where each player has a distinct role in developing our children to take their rightful place in this world as servants of our King.

The name “Roots” was chosen due to the Christian nature of our program. In Psalm 1, the blessed have roots going down to God’s truth, while the wicked are chaff blown in the wind. Roots’ strength is in being rooted in God’s truth and in bearing fruit for Him. Furthermore, we see Roots as being supportive, but the work is done in the homeschooling families. We desire to support and nourish our families so they can carry out their responsibilities in their families and to God’s glory. 

Roots Christian Home Education Fellowship Society

In deep gratitude to God, our heavenly Father, for Jesus Christ, His Son, our Saviour, who has become for us wisdom from God through the Holy Spirit, in order to support parents who accept the responsibility for educating their children at home in the fear of the Lord for all of life, have established a society for Christian home education support with the humble prayer that God may bless our Society to the glory of His name and the salvation and benefit of many of His children.  Roots CHEF Bylaws

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