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Roles & Responsibility


Roots, Supporting and Assisting Christian Home Educators, provides support for home education, frequently referred to as traditional home education, as defined in the Alberta Home Education Regulations (1(e) of the Home Education Regulation 145/2006):

Home education program “means an education program provided by the parent to a student in accordance with this Regulation, but does not include any portion of an education program that is the responsibility of a board or an accredited private school to deliver.”

Within the Roots program, the parents take the responsibility for their child’s education.  They choose the curriculum, set goals for the year, evaluate their child’s progress and decide if standardized testing will be utilized.  Roots facilitators complete the two required visits a school year and are available to answer questions and give guidance.  Their responsibility is to help you meet your goals, which correlate with the home education learning outcomes or with Alberta Education program of studies. The learning outcomes are found on the last page of the Alberta Home Education Regulations ; these outcomes for the home educated child must be met by the end of grade 12.  The Alberta Education program of studies  are followed in Alberta’s schools.

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