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Monthly Support Group

2023 Meetings 

January - Wild Days

Pictures of poster boards with parents suggestions

February - Peace & Habits

Parent suggestions to keep peace in the home. 

March - Devotionals

List of suggested devotionals

2021-2022 Meetings 

February Support Group

Coping with Emotional Challenges by Gail Poffenroth

Coping with Emotional Challenges Resources

January Support Group

Facilitators answer questions submitted by parents

March Support Group

Curriculum Share

Curriculum Share List

November Support Group

Being Steadfast in a Changing World

2020-2021 Meetings

US to CND reimbursement, how to use Roots coupon codes, AHEA and the important job they do supporting home education.

Rosaleen Milner - Can you Have a Peaceful & Productive Homeschooling Day?

Sharon & Tammy - Reflections of a homeschool career, ARISS information.

Why do moms think they need to have it all together all the time? 

Curriculum Share - Moms share a favorite book, app or curriculum 

We wanted to bless the moms!

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