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Roots Homeschooling History

  • Started in 1994 by a mother who had a desire to align with a Christian homeschooling program

  • Trinity Christian School in Calgary liked this idea and opened Roots, originally called Trinity Christian School Homeschooling program

  • Roots’ first year running had 8 families, 16 students and 3 facilitators

  • 2024 will be Roots’ 30th year in operation

  • Each year Roots averages 700 students, 300 families and 14 facilitators

  • Roots facilitators are either currently home educating their own children, previously home educated their children, are graduates of home education themselves or have decades of experience working with home educating families, all are Alberta certified teachers.

  • As of September 2015 Roots has been affiliated with The Father’s House Christian School

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