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Have you wanted to talk to an astronaut? Well now is your opportunity!

Take the time to watch the attached video to get the full explanation for this event. Below you will find a summary of information.

1) Questions submission deadline date: February 26th.

- Send your questions to the Roots office at and mark the subject

line as "ARISS Question"

- 10 students will be selected to ask their question directly to the astronaut.

Selected students will be announced on March 5th. An additional 10 questions (#11-20),

will also be selected as back up questions to utilize the full time with the astronaut.

2) Space project submission deadline: March 31st.

- We are asking the Roots community to join forces and compile pictures / videos of space

projects or experiments that will be put together in a video montage and be used during the

livestream. The sky is the limit so get creative & take this opportunity to shine as


- Submissions can be e-mailed to

3) Event date will be the week of May 24-30th. The exact date and time will be confirmed one week prior.

What will take place during the livestream?

1) There will be 3 short videos shown:

a) The first one to explain how amateur radio works.

b) The second will explain what happens on the astronauts end during the live stream.

c) The third will be the video montage of Roots student projects.

2) We will hear communication from the ground station and ARISS personal as they connect to the astronaut on the International Space Station

3) The selected 10 students will have the opportunity to ask their question directly to the astronaut in real time! The connection time with the astronaut will be approximately 10 minutes in length, until the ISS passes below the horizon.

This has been a project in the works for over a year now, and I would like to thank Gokhan for all of his hard work in getting this organized for the Roots community.

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