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Reimbursement Reminders

As the school year wraps up we want to remind you of a couple dates you don't want to forget. If you want your reimbursement refund before October 2022 you need to submit your reimbursement form to the office by Monday May 2nd OR Monday June 6th.

We have extended the final reimbursement date to June 6th to accommodate those who are planning on attending the AHEA trade fair June 3 & 4.

All reimbursements need to be submitted to the Roots office via the online reimbursement link found in the members section of the Roots website.

Do you have questions about what items can be submitted for reimbursement?

- You can check out the Standards for Home Education Reimbursement for ideas

- Contact Wanda Chartrand at or call her at 403-200-1093

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